Queen: High Voltage
UK, London, Rainbow Theatre March 31st, 1974
Quality: Excellent -


  1. Procession
  2. Father To Son
  3. Ogre Battle
  4. Son And Daughter
  5. Keep Yourself Alive
  6. Seven Seas Of Rhye
  7. Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
  8. Liar

Time: 39 min.

Full colored front and back covers.



An incomplete recording but the only part which exists. Sound quality is Excellent and it almost sounds like a soundboard?!?, but it is an audience recording. Back cover claims to be from European Tour but it is actually from Rainbow 31.3.1974. Very small pops as the source has been a vinyl. There are also other bootlegs of this same recording which are not from vinyl but the sound quality is worse than on "High Voltage". NOTE: Be aware of fake Cleveland February 8th, 1975 concert!! The recording is actually the same as this. Freddie says before Seven Seas Of Rhye "This is our current release.." so it can't be from 1975. At least a bootleg called "Mercury is Rising" has the fake Cleveland set.