Queen+: Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
UK, London, Wembley Stadium April 20th, 1992
Quality: Excellent


Disc 1

  1. Introduction by Brian, John and Roger / Metallica: Enter Sandman
  2. Metallica: Sad But True
  3. Metallica: Nothing Else Matters
  4. Extreme: Mustapha Intro / Bohemian Rhapsody (rock part)
  5. Extreme: Keep Yourself Alive
  6. Extreme: I Want To Break Free
  7. Extreme: Fat Bottomed Girls
  8. Extreme: Another One Bites The Dust
  9. Extreme: We Will Rock You
  10. Extreme: Radio Ga Ga
  11. Extreme: Love Of My Life
  12. Extreme: More Than Words
  13. Def Leppard: Animal
  14. Def Leppard: Let's Get Rocked
  15. Def Leppard: Now I'm Here
  16. Bob Geldof: Too Late God
  17. Spinal Tap: The Majesty Of Rock

Time: 61.08 min.

Disc 2

  1. U2: Til The End Of The World
  2. Guns'n'Roses: Paradise City
  3. Guns'n'Roses: Knocking On Heaven's Door
  4. Queen+ Joe Elliott: Tie Your Mother Down
  5. Queen+ Roger Daltrey: I Want It All
  6. Queen+ Zucchero: Las Palabras De Amor
  7. Queen+ Gary Cherone: Hammer To Fall
  8. Queen+ James Hetfield: Stone Cold Crazy
  9. Queen+ Robert Plant: Innuendo
  10. Queen+ Robert Plant: Thank You
  11. Queen+ Robert Plant: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  12. Brian May: Too Much Love Will Kill You

Time: 60.20

Disc 3

  1. Queen+ Paul Young: Radio Ga Ga
  2. Queen+ Seal: Who Wants To Live Forever
  3. Queen+ Lisa Stansfield: I Want To Break Free
  4. Queen+ David Bowie and Annie Lennox: Under Pressure
  5. Queen+ David Bowie, Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter: All The Young Dudes
  6. Queen+ David Bowie: Heroes
  7. Queen+ George Michael: '39
  8. Queen+ George Michael and Lisa Stansfield: These Are The Days Of Our Lives
  9. Queen+ George Michael: Somebody To Love
  10. Queen+ Elton John and Axl Rose: Bohemian Rhapsody
  11. Queen+ Elton John: The Show Must Go On
  12. Queen+ Axl Rose: We Will Rock You
  13. Queen+ Liza Minelli & everyone: We Are The Champions
  14. God Save The Queen

Time: 66.05 min.

Full colored back and front covers.



"The biggest send off in history" as Brian May says in his intro. Great concert over all, although some of the artist who were performing that day are totally gone from the "spotlight" now. (Where is Seal or Lisa Stansfield for example?!?) Legendary performance from George Michael with Somebody To Love and first ever live performance of Brian's huge solo hit "Too Much Love Will Kill You". When listening this concert you really understand how great singer Freddie was. Most of the artist don't do justice to the songs and some of them had to change the key to be able to sing them. Probably taken from the TV broadcast as few pauses have been edited out (most likely to avoid commercials). No songs missing and perfect soundboard sound.