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Toto: Tokyo 2011
Japan, Tokyo, Budokan September 27th, 2011
Quality: Excellent


Disc 1

  1. Pre-Show Music
  2. Intro
  3. Child's Anthem
  4. Till The End
  5. Afraid Of Love
  6. Lovers In The Night
  7. Somewhere Tonight (No Woman No Cry jam in the end)
  8. Pamela
  9. Lea
  10. Gift Of Faith
  11. Keyboard Duet
  12. Africa

Time: 61.36 min.

Disc 2

  1. Steve Porcaro Speech
  2. Human Nature
  3. Rosanna
  4. Band Introduction
  5. Georgy Porgy
  6. Stop Loving You
  7. Home Of The Brave
  8. Hold The Line
  9. Outro

Time: 61.59 min.

Cover not yet available.



This is a mix of audience and IEM source. IEM stands for in-ear-monitor and it is the feed that is sent to the ear-monitors of the artists on the stage. It is never as good as a real soundboard recording but it's still soundboard. The mix of the audience source makes it more "live" as the IEM source doesn't have any audience cheering etc. Few times it sounds as the IEM source was cut and they used only the audience source. Nevertheless, a great recording and features the whole show.

CD info:

Not from mp3, no clicks or 2 second gaps between tracks and no copy errors.