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Toto: Last Night In The Desert
USA, Las Vegas (NV), The Desert Inn February 27th, 2000
Quality: Excellent


Disc 1

  1. Caught In The Balance
  2. Rosanna
  3. Luke's Solo
  4. A Million Miles Away
  5. Jake To The Bone
  6. Simon Solo / Dave's Gone Skiing
  7. Out Of Love
  8. Mama
  9. 99
  10. You're The Flower
  11. The Road Goes On
  12. I'll Be Over You

Time: 58.08 min.

Disc 2

  1. Georgy Porgy
  2. Africa
  3. Dave's Solo
  4. White Sister
  5. Band Introduction
  6. Hold The Line

Time: 44.42 min.

Covers not available yet.



Great quality recording of the second night in Las Veags. Shorter show than in Europe, no Tale Of A Man, Girl Goodbye or Better World for example. No songs missing, a complete concert.

CD info:

Not from mp3, no clicks or 2 second gaps between tracks. No copy errors.