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Toto: Valby Hallen '90
Denmark, Copenhagen, Valby Hallen September 26st, 1990
Quality: Excellent -


Disc 1

  1. Love Has The Power
  2. Animal
  3. Georgy Porgy
  4. Child's Anthem
  5. I'll Be Over You
  6. Somewhere Tonight
  7. English Eyes
  8. Africa
  9. Band Introduction
  10. Out Of Love
  11. Without Your Love
  12. Can You Hear What I'm Saying..?
  13. Dave's Solo
  14. I Won't Hold You Back

Time: 79.00 min.

Disc 2

  1. Little Wing
  2. American Girl
  3. Rosanna
  4. Afraid Of Love
  5. Lovers In The Night
  6. Hold The Line

Time: 42.20 min.

Covers not available.



Great recording from the Planet Earth Tour with J-M Byron on vocals. At this time of the tour he was still singing quite few songs but towards the end the other band members decided to reduce his part. On the official video from Paris Byron can been seen pretty much only on Rosanna and Hold The Line.

CD info:

Not from mp3, no clicks or 2 second gaps between tracks. No copy errors.