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Toto: Toulon 1992
France, Toulon, Zenith Omega October 24th, 1992
Quality: Good -


Disc 1

  1. Home Of The Brave (cut from the beginning)
  2. Keyboard Solo
  3. Georgy Porgy
  4. 99
  5. If It's The Last Night
  6. Angela
  7. I Won't Hold You Back
  8. Don't Stop Me Now
  9. Africa / Percussion Solo
  10. Little Wing
  11. Kingdom Of Desire

Time: 44.55 min.

Disc 2

  1. Jake To The Bone
  2. Simon's Solo
  3. Angel Don't Cry
  4. Don't Chain My Heart
  5. Stop Loving You (intro)
  6. Stop Loving You
  7. Rosanna (slightly cut from the beginning)
  8. (audience cheering)

Time: 43.28 min.

Covers not yet available.



Sound quality is not that great. Really "sharp" sound. It also misses several songs and is sourced from mp3, so for completists only.

CD info:

From mp3 (don't know the bitrate), few clicks but no 2 second gaps between tracks, no copy errors.