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Toto: No Rain in Braunschweig
Germany, Braunschweig, Feldschlöβchen Open Air August 18th, 2004
Quality: Excellent


Disc 1

  1. Only The Children
  2. Pamela
  3. I Will Remember
  4. Girl Goodbye
  5. I'll Be Over You
  6. Good For You
  7. Africa
  8. Greg's Solo (including Tale Of A Man)
  9. Better World

Time: 58.21 min.

Disc 2

  1. Luke's Acoustic Solo
  2. The Road Goes On
  3. Angel Don't Cry / Carmen
  4. Dave's Gone Skiing / These Chains
  5. Mushanga
  6. Simon's Solo
  7. Band Introduction (cut)
  8. Rosanna (cut from the beginning)
  9. Gypsy Train
  10. Hold The Line

Time: 42.43 min.

Covers not yet available.



Great sound. Misses probably Purple Rain from the end as it was played while Greg was backing Dave up. Band intro and Rosanna are cut as the MD was changed. This recording was transfered to CD from the master recording so this is lowest generation possible. Nice to hear Greg's rendition of instrumental Tale Of A Man in the middle of his keyboard solo.

CD info:

Not from mp3, no clicks or 2 second gaps between tracks, no copy errors.