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Toto: Home Of The Braves
France, Paris, Bercy February 11th, 1996
Quality: Very Good +


Disc 1

  1. Drag Him To The Roof
  2. Don't Chain My Heart
  3. Gift Of Faith
  4. Jake To The Bone
  5. Just Can't Get To You
  6. The Turning Point
  7. I'll Supply The Love
  8. Little Wing
  9. Africa
  10. I Will Remember
  11. If You Belong To Me

Time: 71.36 min.

Disc 2

  1. Home Of The Brave
  2. Dave's Gone Skiing
  3. Simon's Solo / Dave's Gone Skiing (end)
  4. Improvisation
  5. Stop Loving You
  6. Rosanna
  7. Dave's Solo / Don't Stop Me Now
  8. Take Me To The River
  9. Band Introduction
  10. Voodoo Chile
  11. Hold The Line

Time: 66.51 min.

Full colored front and back covers.



Quite nice recording from Paris. Has little tape hiss and the sound is not the clearest but the setlist is great! Take Me To The River and Voodoo Chile were not included in the regular setlist so these are nice bonuses. There is some nice guitar solos by Luke during Take Me To The River. Complete concert.

CD info:

Not from mp3, no clicks but or 2 second gaps between tracks, no copy errors.