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Toto: Live in Belgium 1996
Belgium, Antwerpen, Stadsschouwburg March 3rd, 1996
Quality: Excellent


Disc 1

  1. Drag Him To The Roof
  2. Don't Chain My Heart
  3. Gift Of Faith
  4. Jake To The Bone
  5. If You Belong To Me
  6. The Turning Point
  7. I'll Supply The Love
  8. Africa
  9. Home Of The Brave

Time: 62.50 min.

Disc 2

  1. I'll Be Over You
  2. Dave's Gone Skiing / Simon's Solo / Dave's Gone Skiing (end)
  3. Improvisation
  4. Stop Loving You
  5. Rosanna
  6. Dave's Solo / Don't Stop Me Now
  7. Stop Loving You (ending) *
  8. Rosanna *
  9. Donít Stop Me Now + Band Intro *
  10. Smoke On The Water Intro *

Time: 57.31 min.

Full colored front and back covers.



An amazing soundboard recording from Antwerpen. Too bad it misses Hold The Line. Tracks marked with * are from some other concert. Not sure about the date. This is a release by bootleg label called Palm Drive.

CD info:

Not from mp3, no clicks but or 2 second gaps between tracks, no copy errors.