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Queen - blank trades

During the years I have received several copies of some concerts and now I have decided to get rid of them. I have first obtained one copy and then later on the same show in better quality or without clicks between the tracks for example. There are many people who are not die hard collectors but simply want to obtain a specific show or just one concert from each tour but they have nothing to offer in exchange. Due to a large amount of requests, I have decided to do blank trades 2:1 (you send me two blank CDRs for one CDR with music) for the shows below. All of them have a little comment listed here to describe the reason why it is on the list. None of them have bad errors or are damaged. Most of them have tiny clicks between the tracks or they are a bit higher generation copies than what I have received recently. If the concert is on branded CDR, then I expect branded blank CDRs in exchange. If the show is on noname CDR, then nonames will be fine. You will send the blank CDRs first to me and I send you the shows you request. I need to go through quite many CD boxes so watch this space for more shows very soon!

Concert description goes: year/month/day/venue/number of CDRs/CDR type/comment about the show/sound quality

  1. 1977, June 6th London: 2CDR - branded (tiny clicks between tracks) VG
  2. 1978, April 12th Stockholm: 2CDR - branded (I have received a VG+ copy) G Reserved (CRM)
  3. 1979, May 6th Sapporo: 2CDR - branded (tiny clicks between tracks) VG Reserved
  4. 1981, March 20th Sao Paulo: 2CDR - noname (tiny clicks between few tracks) EX Reserved (CRM)
  5. 1984, September 14th Milan: 2CDR - noname (little clicks between some tracks) EX Reserved (CRM)
  6. 1984, September 18th Paris: 2CDR - branded (I have two identical copies) VG Reserved (JT)
  7. 1986, August 1st Barcelona: 2CDR - branded (clicks between tracks) EX Reserved (CRM)
  8. 1986, August 5th Marbella: 2CDR - noname (I recently got an EX- copy) VG- Reserved (CRM)


As soon as a trade has been set up, I will remove that specific show from this list. Note that I will do blank trades ONLY for the shows on this list. I also have usually only one spare copy of each show so be quick if you need one..